De Coninckplein Live 24 July
Reggae evening De Coninckplein Live
De Coninckplein Live 10 July
De Coninckplein Live Blues evening 3 July
African Stage in Oc MerksemDok
ANTWERP URBAN NIGHTS ism Kollektief in Oc MerksemDok
DE CONINCKPLEIN live Afsluiting Avond 25 juli
DE CONINCKPLEIN live Reggae Avond 18  juli
DE CONINCKPLEIN live Vlaamse avond 11 juli
DE CONINCKPLEIN live Blues Avond 4 juli
Sunshine Concerts SABAM FREE Rock Night
De Coninckplein Swingt
Forget-me-not benefit for families of missing children
10 years Sunshine Concerts party 24 November OBH Antwerp
African Stage Sunshine Concerts 2012 in Oc MerksemDok
Sunshine Concerts Rock pop Night Oc MerksemDok
MUZIEK IN DE WIJK op het de coninckplein met o.a. Group Pancasari 9 augustus 2012
MUZIEK IN DE WIJK met BackStreet Alley & La Makina del Karibe 2 augustus 2012
DE CONINCKPLEIN LIVE with XAMANEK, Nolia, Buenas Ondas, To The Bone Thursday 26 July 2012
DE CONINCKPLEIN LIVE 19 July Kajhem Orchestra, 'Tzen MARLEYkes, Los Trucos del Foro, Tourist
DE CONINCKPLEIN LIVE REGGAE Panache Culture, Julius Lahai, Heartwash 12 July 2012
10 years  SUNSHINE  CONCERTS Antwerp 17 May 2012
De Coninckplein Live!  BLUES Mac Arnold & Plate Full O'Blues, Paul Reddick Thursday 5th JULY 2012

Sunshine Concerts

is an "open source" organization in mentality that opened her concert doors for the very first time on Saturday 17th of May 2002
Many dates and many years later we have grown and evolved as an organization and music promoter.
We do different styles and we are a real A to Z in live music: Rock, Pop, Folk, Electro, Jazz, RnB, Blues, Salsa, Hip-hop, Reggae, Soul, Country, Metal, Gothic, Punk...

Music is a way of life...

Our aim is to create a new artistic movement - something that is moving/organic/alive - within the music world - feeding it and supplying a
quality alternative that is inspiring, artistic and socially truthful.

Where can you find our events?

You will find us organizing indoor events with partner venues (Oc het oude badhuis, Oc MerksemDok, Oc het stadsmagazijn) and outdoor events on squares across Antwerp - all year round.
Sometimes with a local group - sometimes with a touring international act. It's also nice to give the audience a taste of something different, something they might normally not get the chance to see.

Artists we've worked with over the years include Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings, Kris de Bruyne, Buscemi, Guy Swinnen, Axl Daeseleire, De Jeugt Van Tegenwoordig, 
Mac Arnold & Plate Full O'Blues, Jef Neve, Riku Latti, Macka B, Chris Chameleon, Bai Kamara Jr...

The Sunshine Concerts slogan is: The future of music is live.

Feel free to contact us for more information.
And thank you for taking the time to read this short history.

All the best
James King
0485 123 284

DC Linkeroever, Louis Paul Boonstraat 21, 2050 Antwerpen
Little B
DC Linkeroever, Louis Paul Boonstraat 21, 2050 Antwerpen
Act of mutiny
Act of Mutiny
DC Linkeroever, Louis Paul Boonstraat 21, 2050 Antwerpen
Berchem Klinkt! - Romantische altviool
Berchem Klinkt! - Romantische altviool
Duo Agineko, De Heerlyckheid, Pretoriastraat 28, Antwerpen
€12 //60+ €10// -26: €6
Back to Boombap, Levende Lijken, Spitler, Pita, Mons, Sec Koe
Oc MerksemDok, Emiel lemineurstraat 72-74, 2170 Merksem
€5-€7 ATD